Helpful Tips

1. Each revision session should last about 40 minutes, with 10 minute breaks between sessions.

2. Decide whether a variety of subjects are to be revised or just one or two subjects each day. It is best to try this out and see what works best.

3. Decide what time of day produces the most effective work: morning, afternoons or evenings.

4. Make sure time is planned in to relax before going to bed. At least 8 hours of sleep is recommended.

5. Do not miss study sessions, and then plan to make up for them later. Time will simply run out.

6. Decide on the order of importance of the work and realistically estimate the time needed to complete it.

7. Study the most difficult topic first, leave favourite subjects until the end to avoid spending more time than is necessary on them.

8. Be flexible once you see how things are going. It is common to fall behind, or even get ahead. So? Add an hour’s revision. Take a day off. This way you are in control.

9. Tick off items as they are completed. This gives you a sense of achievement.

10. Offer yourself an incentive. Could be something as simple as a chocolate bar once you complete something.