The MCMA Philosophy

We believe MCMA should offer world-class education through an innovative curriculum brought to life by new styles of learning. We aim to provide a range of academic and work-related activities and courses, which capture the interest and imagination of learners and staff.

Sponsors and partners can participate in MCMA by working alongside teachers and learners to design teaching, learning and assessment materials that bring the curriculum to life, and develop new models of education that can be shared with schools across Manchester. Students are able to take advantage of career support services and career coaching, as well as volunteer opportunities with the academies’ partners and suppliers.

By offering a full, broad curriculum, we enable students to develop the skills and qualifications best suited to their interests and abilities. The creative and media specialism is a strong focus of the academies and provides young people with a real insight into an exciting and vibrant industry.

We intend to encourage progression into post-compulsory education by equipping both Media and Creative Academies for boys and girls with a specialist learning centre for post-16 students.

We aim to contribute to the regeneration of north Manchester by establishing MCMA as a community hub where businesses, parents and local people can come together to build relationships, develop skills and have fun.