Teaching at MCMA

You will see from the sponsor’s letter that we are a learning institution with only the highest expectations as well as with the most exciting ethos and culture imaginable. MCMA is a buzz! Our local communities will be proud of their academies and the sponsors will wheel us out on every possible occasion as an example of the very best that collaborative partnerships can produce.

Working with us, you will experience real innovation, gain an understanding of a true change of culture, and participate in an effective leadership system as well as sustain high achievement. On top of that, you will experience creative and media work through our academies’ specialism. Working in these subject areas is a unique experience and applying media, in particular, to enhance achievement will be a huge benefit to our whole community.

We are about huge challenges and great successes. Some of our young people have poor attendance and low expectations, some are high achievers – our school community is varied, like many schools, but there are undoubtedly difficulties to overcome. We expect to work very hard in order to bring about lasting change. It can be done and we will succeed.

Our staff will be good when they join us but excellent when they leave.