From the Principal


We intend to create a truly inspirational educational experience for all our students at MCMA.

A great deal will be expected of you as a member of staff at this academy:

  • you will be a good or outstanding teacher
  • you will always put the needs of children first
  • you will work with an ‘I can’ attitude and positive approach
  • you will be resilient, tireless and relentless in pursuit of improving outcomes for our students
  • you will be creative, forward thinking and open to change
  • you will have the highest aspirations for and expectations of all our students
  • you will be a good role model and set a good example
  • you will be loyal, hardworking, honest and helpful
  • you will like children and demonstrate a caring approach towards them
  • you will work collaboratively with a range of partners both inside and beyond the academy in support of students and colleagues
  • you will listen to what our students have to say
  • you will give priority to your own professional development
  • you will believe and demonstrate in all you do that Every Child Matters

Your rewards as a member of the MCMA team will be significant in terms of outcomes for students, your professional development opportunities and personal enjoyment of your work.

Our success is based on a commitment to personal growth and a desire to meet the needs of individual students. It is built on core values of trust, respect and optimism as well as a clear understanding of the conditions required for effective learning.

We have:

  • shared values
  • highly effective pastoral systems
  • high expectations of academic progress
  • effective opportunities for the student voice to be heard and student leadership to be developed
  • effective partnerships with parents and local, national and international communities
  • high quality teaching and support
  • an environment and resources that enhance learning
  • a flexible curriculum that meets students’ needs

At MCMA it’s not just about exam success; every child really does matter and I am committed to providing a personalised learning experience complemented by rewarding extra curricular activities.

The culture of this academy is not suited to those who seek a quiet life! Our work is both relevant and fun, ensuring that learners and staff enjoy coming to school and working together. MC&MA is an exciting place in which to learn, and only with talented, committed teachers can we achieve our aim of ‘being the best’.

Paul Carter
Acting Principal