Our Partners

As you would expect, as sponsors of such exciting academies, we have extremely high aspirations for all who are connected with them. We will be seeing highly motivated young people being supported by equally highly motivated staff within a true learning community. The impact of our academies will be huge. Our young people will be excited by their new opportunities, as will the wider community.

We will involve industry, particularly in the creative and media arts, and will bring our ‘industry’ to our local community. Our ‘businesses’ will work within that local community and involve many people in our productions – films, local history documentaries, TV programmes, soap operas, radio programmes – the list of possibilities is endless. This is to be done alongside an imaginative curriculum experience for our students.

This will be a distinctive and cutting edge academy as befits its sponsors. The backing of the biggest, and arguably the best, college in Europe, The Manchester College, coupled with the innovative power of Microsoft, under the creative, regenerative skills of Manchester City Council is a potent combination.