Our Specialist Subjects

Through our specialism in Creative and Media Arts we continue to raise standards of achievement and the quality of learning for all of our students, leading to whole school improvement in performance. The pre-existing science specialism from the Girls’ School continuing alongside the Creative and Media Arts specialism offers a unique and broad  range of specialist provision for our young people.

We nurture within our students a lifelong passion for, and appreciation of, the arts as both participants and discriminating audiences. We promote enjoyment of many different artistic forms and in particular offer many opportunities in the media related field. Examples include film production, editing, sound recording, radio programmes, advertising and the technical side of media and creative work. Through the range of activities available we encourage high levels of participation in extra-curricular arts activities.

We are innovative in finding new ways for learners to learn well and identify ways in which media and science can improve learning in other curriculum areas. We take a lead in using ICT and making imaginative use of media technologies as a means of enhancing learning in all subjects and raising the quality of teaching. We enable students to work in school with professionals involved in the media, creative and science industries and to enjoy a variety of experiences outside the classroom.

We are a centre of excellence for the Creative and Media Arts and Science, sharing resources and developing and sharing leading practice with other schools and their communities.