We expect all our pupils to attend the Academy every day in order that they can achieve the very best and get the most out of all the Academy has to offer. For pupils to achieve their potential, they must be able to access the education that is being provided, and it is our priority to support our pupils to overcome any barriers to learning to ensure perfect attendance.

Excellent attendance is important because of the following facts:

  • it is PROVEN that there is a very close link between excellent attendance and excellent examination performance/high attainment
  • it is PROVEN that there is also a strong link between excellent attendance and career progression and success

Please work with us to make sure your child attends the Academy every day and is on time. We are committed to working in partnership with you to achieve this.

If you child is not able to attend the Academy for any reason, then you must telephone us to explain the reason.


Please download our Attendance Policy for further information.

Attendance Policy