Our priority at MCMA is to raise standards of achievement for ALL our young people. At MCMA we, therefore, place a high value on full attendance and we expect excellent attendance from all of our staff and students.

Excellent attendance is important because of the following facts:

  • it is PROVEN that there is a very close link between excellent attendance and excellent examination performance/high attainment
  • it is PROVEN that there is also a strong link between excellent attendance and career progression and success

Did you know that there are 10 school sessions in every week – five morning and five afternoon sessions? 100% or full attendance requires students to be in school for each of the ten sessions. Each am or pm session missed reduces attendance by 10%. So:

  • if a student misses just one session in a week due to lateness or a medical appointment in school time, his/her attendance will fall to 90% for that week
  • absence of one day in the week means that two sessions (am and pm) have been missed and will result in attendance of only 80% for that week

Whilst 90% attendance may seem quite high to some parents and students, 90% attendance over five years at high school actually means a student missing half a year of their secondary education. No young person can hope to achieve their full potential by missing such a long period of time in school.

According to research, every 17 school days of absence leads to a DROP of ONE GRADE at GCSE.

Finally, according to research, every 1% improvement in attendance across a school can result in an improvement of 4-5% in examination performance.

We, therefore, expect parents to fully support our drive to raise attendance and improve achievement. Your full support and cooperation will produce high dividends for your child’s education!

Please download our Attendance Policy for further information.

Attendance Policy