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20th March 2017

Spring has well and truly sprung at MCMA over the last two weeks with the arrival of our annual “Eggs for Hatching” activity.

We received nine fertilised chicken eggs at the beginning of March. The eggs were incubated for two more days until the excitement of their hatching began.

Over the next two days all of the chicks hatched successfully and changed from bedraggled, exhausted alien-like creatures into lovely, fluffy chicks.

The chicks have been visited by approximately 300 pupils during the last week during lunchtimes, breaks and after school. They have also been used as a teaching resource in Y7 reproduction lessons and as a means of introducing behavioural experiments to a wide range of classes.

The students have learned about the development of eggs and chicks, how to handle the chicks safely and about the ways to avoid any passage of disease between humans and the chicks.

They have also become aware that the eggs in ASDA are different to the ones delivered to MCMA!!

STEM club built the chicks a cardboard maze and adventure park to test their ability to remember how to find food, negotiate obstacles and use their new wings!!

After ten days the chicks are returned to their farm, where they are either kept as laying hens or distributed to other farms and locals who keep chickens.