The Student Leadership Team

Student Leadership Team

There are a range of Student Leadership opportunities across each year group.  Students are elected to a Student Parliament who meet with Senior Leaders and staff on a regular basis.  This ensures that our students have an active voice.  Other leadership opportunities exist, for example, student anti-bullying ambassadors and sports leaders.

Please find below a chart explaining our Student Leadership system.

Student Leadership Model

Our Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl

Head and Deputy Head Girl 2016-17

Zahra Islam (right) our Head Girl and Darcey Evitt (left) is our Deputy Head Girl.

“One of the main reasons for becoming Head Girl was that I wanted to be a role model for other students within the academy. This is important because it helps others have aspirations and ideas on what they can become if they work hard and always try their best.  I also wanted to help others have their views and opinions shared on what matters most to other students at MCMA.  This is important because this means that we can work together and be the best.  Another reason for becoming Head Girl and a Senior Prefect was that I could work with other students in the academy on interests such as Mental Health and ensuring that we are given help when we need it. I also feel that I am very approachable and have good communication skills to work with others and ensure that we are the best.”  Zahra Islam – Head Girl.

Our Head Boy and Deputy Head Boy

Head and Deputy Head Boy 2016-17

Jack Buckley (left) is our Head Boy and Luke Darlington (right) our Deputy Head Boy.

“I wanted to become Head Boy because of the good and bad things I can help with. For instance I can speak for those who don’t feel they can speak up for themselves because they think it may affect them or the way others treat them.  I also want to help people with problems so I can guide them and maybe providing advice if they need it. I was once like this and didn’t feel I could speak or share my ideas because I though of what would others think of me if I voiced my opinion.

Throughout my years at MCMA the academy has changed and inspired me so much. I have changed from this boy who was scared to talk for himself to someone who speaks for others.  This is because of the people around me and others I have looked up to. I hope to inspire others to do the same so they can be one of the voices of the school and to help make the school a better place and make it excellent for my fellow students of all years to enjoy.”  Jack Buckley – Head Boy.