Revision Resources

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Useful Textbooks / Information
Useful Websites
Recommendations for Year 10 – Useful Text books and Websites:
Buy a copy of ‘Blood Brothers’
Buy a copy of ‘Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’ (Waterstones sell the Pearson English Readers version which is suitable for students with EAL).
CGP The Text Guide for Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and Blood Brothers available on Amazon.
Afterschool revision Club – every Wednesday from 3:15-4pm in 2me2.  Pupils can bring any homework, class work or queries to be helped with. – Every pupil has access to this website with their own personal account details.
Pupils can watch video clips and use worksheets to help them on any topic in Maths. – Every pupil has access to this website with their own personal account details.
Pupils can complete online homework which is marked for them and follow lessons on any topic in Maths.
Pupils should see their class teachers if they need their account details for these websites.
Triple Science:  Lonsdale OCR Gateway GCSE Biology, OCR Gateway GCSE Chemistry and OCR Gateway GCSE Physics.
Core and Additional Science: Lonsdale OCR Gateway GCSE Science B and OCR Gateway GCSE Additional Science B.
Collins OCR Gateway Science B, Collins OCR Gateway Additional Science B (anyone doing triple will also need Collins OCR Gateway Separate Science B.
BBC Bitesize.
Revise Edexcel GCSE History A – The Making of the Modern World
BBC History
Spartacus Schoolnet
History Learning Site
Schools History
Mr Allsopp History – this site has both revision videos and podcasts which can be downloaded.>rck=WHo4N1djUHpueVUzT3NIOWpndlRIdUJXanEwcmRKV2xlVzV4dm5uMUNXZ1lET2FSa1RrOW9HVVpRVTRvUjNVcW5GeTVId25pcjVCNVNaOWNTUjVEelE9PQ&gclid=CKH5gO-AqckCFU63GwodPNUL_
BBC Bitesize
Gallery websites such as
Learners can view YouTube to look at videos relating to topics they are covering (please see Dance Curriculum Overview in our “Subjects” section).
At KS4 learners can specifically look at Christopher Bruce’s ‘Swansong’ and David Bintley’s ‘Still Life at the Penguin Café’ using:
For the dance work ‘Swansong’
For ‘Still life at the Penguin café’
BBC Bitesize GCSE Drama
Business and Computing
Business CGP Revision Guide.
Edexcel GCSE Business test book by Ian Marcouse.
OCR Computing textbook (link to this is on the OCR web page (Business GCSE, BTEC, and CiDA) (All years) (GCSE Computing)
Health and Social Care
Unit 1: Students receive a full revision pack at the cost of £3 (Revision_Pack for Health & Social Care)
Unit 2: Parents are encouraged to watch documentaries on the NHS and services, this enlightens them in what happens in reality. Many of the Panorama documentaries are good and relevant.
Food Technology
BBC Bitesize
Watch You Tube for processes, techniques and production methods.
Product Design
BBC Bitesize
Watch You Tube for processes, techniques and production methods.
BBC Bitesize
Watch You Tube for processes, techniques and production methods.
BBC Bitesize
Watch You Tube for processes, techniques and production methods.
GCSE Bitesize for GCSE PE
Top End Sports – Skill/Health Related Fitness
Youth Sports Trust
Sport England
Modern Foreign Languages
Use Linguascope. to develop the 4 skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing.  The online interface is an excellent tool to reinforce new vocabulary and to help children build up their vocabulary through stretch and challenge activities.
At KS4, they are challenged to apply their knowledge of vocabulary to different contexts including longer pieces of text, messaging the computer (who does respond), unscrambling texts, etc.
KS4: French and Spanish
use Activeteach software – all students should have a login and password to access these resources which includes past paper exam questions, access to the text online to practise listening skills and see vocabulary lists, help with exam strategies for each of the assessed skills, listening and reading practise questions which link directly to the topics studied for the exam with extension work.
Key stage 3: French and Spanish
 RE and Citizenship
• (Bible stories told using Lego!)

 KS4 Citizenship (can also be used by Year 9 Citizenship)

Unit 1
Theme 1 – Rights and responsibilities
•    Amnesty International
• (animal rights)
• (animal rights)
Theme 2 – Power, politics and the media
•    Watch BBC News, Sky News and alternatives such as Russia Today, Al Jazeera)
• (homelessness)
• (parliament and regional links)
• (games on democracy)
•  (voting, rights and responsibilities)
• (work of Magistrates Courts)
• 3 – Global community
•    UN and EU –
•    Oxfam Cool Planet
• (World Trade Organiation)
• 3
Option 3b: Changing communities: social and cultural identities
•    Read newspapers – including the Guardian, the Independent, the Times, the Telegraph
•    kickitout.orgGeneral Websites

BBC Bitesize – GCSE PSHE & Citizenship
•    Democracy and Justice
•    Identity and diversity
•    Rights and responsibilities
•    Sustainable development and the environment

Geography BBC Bitesize
 Media BBC Bitesize
Music BBC Bitesize