MCMA in the Community

Manchester’s economy is growing faster than the national average and with plans in place to create 120,000 jobs in the city over the next ten years, it is set to become one of the world’s top business and leisure destinations.

Additionally, Manchester is the North’s centre for the creative and media industry. It is already home to ITV Granada and Mediacity:uk will become the largest creative and digital media production hub in the UK. The BBC will also open new studios here, attracting a range of independent TV and film production companies.

We want local people to benefit from the city’s economic growth and aim to ensure that our students gain the skills and qualifications demanded by employers. This requires a different approach to secondary education; one that is much more closely linked to business. By engaging with employers – taking on enterprise opportunities that will impact upon the community, producing media products involving the community and training as coaches – our students are set to become the interactive citizens of the future.

MCMA seek to positively impact upon the local employment market and economy by employing local people and utilising local companies, shops and suppliers to support our provision. We feel it is important to keep the impact of our spending, as far as possible, within our local community. We also aim to create new business opportunities within the academies that have significant spin-offs for the possible creation of small local businesses.

Our impact will be legion.